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Some of the Features and benefits from this online enterprising platform are.  However not limited to the following;


  1. Easy to Set Up  Template
  2. Self Edited Business Profile
  3. Professional & Clean Profile Page
  4. Password Protected Profile
  5. Social Integrated Facebook and Twitter Buttons
  6. Log Straight to Facebook and Twitter From Here
  7. Visible Viewer Statistics
  8. Photo Upload


  1. Effortless Business Promotion to your timeline while browsing Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Reminder to persons in your timeline what you do professionally
  3. Introduce your business to the New Friends in your timeline.
  4. Alternative Profile Page for persons not familiar or not allow to have Facebook Page or Twitter..
  5. Business Profile Page that is not a part of a social network.
  6. Effortlessly do something constructive with your time while browsing Facebook and Twitter.